the ice palace of the mind

There are several layers of the human individual: 
the physiology, the body;  the psychology, the mind
 - all tangible, hardwired 3D 
and  then the being, the eternal self, the energies -
 all 5D ethereal, felt not seen. 
Love can exist on all of these planes, 
but its qualities will be different.

A  creative mind  and aspect
 will feel  beyond the beauties of the mind, and 
into the sensitivities of the heart,
  to feel their way through life 
without overly thinking, strategising, chess playing
 in the dance of their relationships -  
this is a rare form of love 
because it continually re-sets itself in the present moment 
without the baggage of the past. 

 If you can start to know the difference
 more and more
 of when you are overly living in your head
 vs moving into your heart at times of intimacy
 and relating 
you may begin to notice how much more connected you feel
 not only to your own feelings and heart but to others 
and from this space your choice of language,
 body language, your ability to listen and not fix, 
will be positively transformative.

Why are many people not moving to this 5D plane
 of love with all it's beauty?   
That is the problem: anything very beautiful is also very delicate. 
It is not hardware, it is made of very fragile glass. 
And once a mirror has fallen and broken,
 then there is work to be done
 to put the pieces back together with kindness,
 grace and mutual respect.  
People are afraid to get so much involved
 that they reach to the delicate layers of love,  
because at that stage love is tremendously beautiful 
but also tremendously changing and fluid 
 - the river of feeling cannot be blocked with conditions.   
Feelings are not solid stones they are the delicate petals of a flower.

A deep all-embracing 5D love
 is alive, dancing in the wind, in the rain, in the sun, asserting its beauty. 
But by the evening it may be gone, 
and you cannot do anything to prevent it. 
The deeper love of the heart is just like a breeze
 that comes into your room, brings its freshness, its joy and then it is gone. 
You cannot catch hold of the wind in your fist. 
Very few people are so courageous
 as to live with a moment-to-moment, changing life. 
they have decided to fall into a love on which they think
 they can depend,
 on which they think
 is solid
 and fixed
 but this is a fallacy. 

 is a day to day 
recommitment to 
 and an honouring
 of each other's authentic changing states. 

 A daily lesson
 we are all invited to practice 
if we seek more positive authentic relationships
 where nothing and no one is taken for granted.

happy days
of dancing
with love....
feeling you,
feeling me......


stairways to heaven

at the end of the exhale
breath surrenders to quietude
for a moment you hang in the balance
in the fertile spaciousness
that is the source of breath.

at the end of the inhale
filled with the song of the breath
there is a moment when you are
the tender

in these interludes
experience opens into exquisite vastness

there's a sweet meditation
you can do like climbing
stairs to bed
inhale up one step, two then three,
hold for
one step, two, then three
exhale down
count one step, two, then three
if you focus your eyes closed
on your sweet heart
magic begins to happen
sweet love to


sweet energy

here we are in Southern Spain
up high above the sea in the land 
of four-legged friends, fields of olive, cork and sweet
scent of oranges and lemons hanging
heavy with their juice to share

no one in sight, no telephone poles, masts
the only way to communicate
softly gently quietly through our hearts

our friends come to see what adventure 
we have in store for them today

their excitement catches us all
and whips us into
childhood adventures of
swallows and amazons
ponies and picnics
our first romantic deep loves that 
could never break
 our sweet  small open hearts

all saddled up
water, sunscreen packed in saddle bags
and bikinis for the 
cool spring waters and
at the old mill
we climb high and dive deep
to wash the urban city sprawl and tension out of hair and heart
and let our hearts be opened once again
to the magic of simple things

life is simple and sweet here
mother nature
gives all of herself
relentlessly effortlessly
she just does her thing regardless of 
who is watching, needing her
like we mothers do to our young

Diving in to sweet stillness

the simple easy days of summer loving 
slip through 
gentle fingers, 
as the sweetness of being becomes
 a habit
like when 
we were tiny people
letting go of the grip of doing and all that
strive jive dance
 that twists faces into knots
and collapses days
into a fury
 i find myself  drawn to solitude
 a little inhale of sweet silence 
and an exhale
to the setting sun.
i used to be scared of alone time
silence equalled unhappy people not talking
but old tribe's rituals can be outgrown
 if they aren't yours to begin with
 is a
a pause
 between a
 sweet          word
 the inhale       the exhale 
any   thing
every  thing 
 possible   plausible.
i can be alone for hours,
basking in the light of a little space of being
a time to commune with myself,
 ask gentle questions 
and wait for sweet answers from
sweet friends in the 5D world 
who get the chance to speak
and be heard.
silence is the sister
of solitude.
practice not speaking for a few hours, a day, a couple
it gives a simple pause to self-observe, to centre and cultivate 
new perspectives and re-gather lost parts of us all.
there's a song i like to play that pulls me finally out of 
silence - i light a candle - thank 
all for 
don't be scared to listen to your soul dance and flicker 
in the 

on being fearless

and remember.......

“You are the sky. 
Everything else – 

it’s just the weather.” 

words from the beautiful - Pema Chödrön

sweet fearless days for 
me and you....